Friday, 31 October 2014

'Our Purpose is to support the Chiropractic Community by uniting Chiropractic Assistants & Chiropractic Advocates across Australasia.'

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Practice Pointer

The Bus Stop to Success

Are you waiting for success to find you? Going through the ropes every day and waiting? Are you waiting for new clients to turn up or clients to bring in their families? It can often be inaction that inhibits you from being more successful.

Success is a process; it is achieved through motion, movement and backed by emotions. “A ship in port is safe.” wrote Grace Murray Hopper, “but that’s not what ships are built for”.

You cannot wait around for success to find you. It won't.

Napoleon Hill said “Success seeks people who seek it.
It ignores people who only dream of it, who value it less than the comfort of the status quo. It cares much less about the assets you start with than the attitudes you adopt in its pursuit. Failure on the other hand, adores those who venture nothing because it knows those people will never chase it away by summoning success to themselves.”

If you simply wait at a random bus station (chiropractic practice) the correct bus may never come. If you set a goal, make a plan, commit to being the person to enact the plan, and then take action, you can catch the correct bus, plane, or even rocket ship to success.

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